We want to ensure that you get the most competitively priced service for the price you want. We inly offer our demo to the customer. It is only a prepaid business.
For example, if you want we can create your account on our website and can give you 100 sms as on trial basis absoulitely free.
No buying multiple plans for multiple services. We are a one-stop shop for your online marketing needs!
No Setup Fees.
500 0.35 NIL 175 36 Month
1000 0.30 NIL 300 36 Month
2500 0.25 NIL 625 36 Month
5000 0.25 NIL 1250 36 Month
10000 0.25 NIL 2000 36 Month
25000 0.15 NIL 3750 36 Month
100000 0.10 NIL 10000 36 Month
**For larger volume packages, contact our sales team at 011-30261000**
No monthly contract, best price promise and a 30-day money back guarantee.
What are you waiting for you?
Bulk SMS Solution Marketer package is our most basic and cost-effective plan. It is designed for small organizations looking to get started with online marketing. For as little as $4.95 per month, you can be up and running in minutes. Just because you don’t have a big marketing budget, does not mean you can’t succeed by using Bulk SMS Solution. Package prices are stated above.
Professional Marketer
Bulk SMS Solution Professional Marketer package is a step above our basic package but is still very manageable in price. Add 35% of Basic Marketer Package Pricing
Included Services:
Private-IP DKIM Domain Keys
Sender-ID Powered-By Logo Removed Account Manager
1x Custom Template Sender Score Certification Assistance And Much More…
Enterprise Marketer
Bulk SMS Solution Enterprise Marketer package is designed for mid-sized and large organizations as well as companies that want creative, strategic, and deliverability assistance. Add $699/month fee + add 45% of Basic Marketer Package Pricing.
Included Services:
Dedicated Service Private IP Sender-ID
Powered-By Logo Removed Domain Keys DKIM
Sender Score Certification Assistance Account Manager Managed Service
2 x Custom Templates 5 Hours Of Premium Services And much more…
* Credit based plans apply to all channels.
* Contact Based plans apply to email based channels such as Survey, Event, AutoResponder and Email.
Volume Pricing
For those looking for larger volume packages, please contact our Sales team.
Bulk SMS Solution also offers numerous premium services to help grow your business. Read all about them here.
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