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Redhat Launches Multi-Channel Marketing Suite! (Sweet)
Simple Ways To Improve Sales With Email Marketing
Design Tips For Your Next Email Marketing Campaign
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Redhat Launches Multi-Channel Marketing Suite! (Sweet)
Forget American College basketball. The real March Madness was going on at Redhat for the last three weeks.
On March 15th, we launched the first and only 7-in-1 marketing platform that has a whole whack of new features.
Now you can create email, survey, event, sms, autoresponder, and fax marketing campaigns as well as use our link tracking service to monitor results.
The best part is everything is located in one place. This is no late April Fool's Day joke. See for yourself at redhatinfo.com.
The Redhat crew worked long hours and drank a lot of coffee to get the platform site ready. After accomplishing the mission, we hosted a small celebration which included a very tasty.
We will be bringing you even more exciting features in the coming months to help you grow your business...so stay tuned!
The Bulk SMS Solution Team
Simple Ways To Improve Sales With Email Marketing
Do you want to improve business and increase sales? Does our Customer Care Team love compliments? Of course to both! If you are just starting out with email marketing, here are a few really simple ways to grow your business.
Design Tips For Your Next Email Marketing Campaign
Redesigning your email marketing campaigns? Here are a handful of tips that are sure to help any email designer improve their next masterpiece.
Compliance 101 - Sender Reputation
Here at Redhat, deliverability is a main concern and is way too important to overlook. Here are some more best practices to help you get your emails to the inbox.

Follow these guidelines to improve sender reputation:

1. Have recipients whitelist your address.

2. Do not used purchased or harvested lists.

3. Send emails that recipients are expecting.

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