Event Marketing
What is event marketing? It is essentially an activity of some sort related to the selling of a product, promotion of a business, or pushing of a type of service. It may be any number of things, but it is a unique and effective type of marketing that may suit you.
Event marketing is not only effective, but also is a fun type of marketing you can do for your business.
It is an opportunity to have fun and to mingle with customers and potential customers while promoting your company in an active manner. Choose something of value and something that your customers will enjoy and your event marketing campaign will undoubtedly be a success.
Here are a few of the features available:
Ability to interact with guests, leave comments and post updates.
Use our map integration tool so guests never get lost.
Choose from several multi-media options to add to your event invitation.
Set up automatic reminders and thank you messages.
Unlimited Surveys.
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